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Amber Nicole, the Artist


'Amber Nicole' Wade is a US Virgin Island contemporary artist, known for her artwork across the

US and Caribbean. Her artistic genius has flourished since her youth, blossoming into a self-taught virtuoso. Painting would soon become her passion, fueled by the pandemic that turned her

skills razor-sharp. By sharing her daring adventure through Social Media, 'Amber Nicole'

soon became synonymous with bold, jaw-dropping artwork!

Her contemporary creations - distinctly her own - pulse with vibrancy and cascade with

influences from the lush Caribbean and rich African diaspora. Mesmerized observers are

drawn into her canvas-bound masterpieces, unable to look away as their hearts race.

Witnessing her talent was the prestigious 2022 Tri-County Fair, where judges were left

spellbound by Amber's creation: Majestic Reign. It soared past the competition, capturing

1st place and sealing her brightly-colored destiny in art. 


Dive into Amber's world, where art and creativity aren't mere luxuries but crucial lifelines

to our very existence! Watch as she reveals the enchanting truth of art's power to embody

life's raw emotion, strength, and vulnerability, weaving tales that transcend time and unite the

hearts of artists and beholders alike! Join Amber on this exhilarating journey and unearth the pulse

of human connection!

Artist on the Move

Partnerships and Features

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Carnivores Meats & Drinks
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